20 years ago Furi was first launched, and have been designed by leading Australian engineers ever since. Unlike other brands the first thought Furi had when designing their knives, was the fit in your hand. After all, “if a knife feels right in your hand, it’s right for your hand”. Furi developed a wedge shaped handle, which locks into your hand for a safer grip, and reduces hand fatigue. 
Furi knives are constructed of Japanese stainless steel, and have the perfect weight and balance, as well as a seamless finish. The bevelled edge on these knives ensure that they are ready for ‘straight out of the box’ sharpness for many uses. 

To sharpen these knives, we recommend using the Furi Diamond Fingers knife sharpeners, as they are designed specifically for the Furi 17º angle. They are also super easy to use!

All Furi is made in China under strict regulations, and come with a 25year guarantee.

Furi is currently stocked at all of our stores, with a wide range of individual knives and blocks being offered. Contact your local store for more information on pricing and stock!

Individual Knives: