German steel knives are a hardy and durable knife, suited to any role in the kitchen. But what does it mean when we say ‘German steel knife’? Well, the type of steel they are made out of, the edge that the blade is set at, the construction of the knife, and the general function of the knife all play a part in placing a knife under this category.

To start, German steel knives have a lower carbon content in the blade when compared to Japanese knives. This means that the steel is softer, but is more durable! They are more likely to be able to withstand heavy chopping and getting through tougher materials, but you will need to sharpen them a little more often than the Japanese ones!

The blade of German steel knives is set at 20 degrees, and the Japanese are set at 16. The 20 degree angle of the German knives makes them more suited to rocking cuts, and are therefore a more ‘general use’ kind of knife.

German knives have what you would call a ‘full-tang’ construction. This means that a single piece of steel is used right from the tip of the blade, to the end of the handle, and has 2 handle pieces screwed on either side of that piece of steel. This makes a heavier blade,  but allows more flexibility in handle design and how it fits in the hand.

And last but not least, German knives really are a multi-purpose knife! They are very versatile, and highly durable. One German knife suits many purposes!

The main brand of German steel knives we stock is Scanpan which is stocked at all of our stores. We also stock Victorinox pairing knives (also available at all stores), as well as Victorinox chefs knives being available at our Majura Park store.

Click the links below to see more on Scanpan and Victorinox, and be sure to contact your local store for pricing and stock! Stock varies depending on seasonal deals, as we like to ensure the best prices for our customers year round.