For over 100 years Shun Kai have been producing Japanese knives, the same way samurai created swords in old Japan. They strive to preserve the traditional ways of knife making, as well as combine innovative techniques in order to meet modern demands. All of their knives are made from the highest quality steel, with a lot of their blades being a 32 layer Damascus steel. 
The word Shun means ‘at the peak of perfection’, and is a perfect reflection of what the company delivers in terms of quality. The knives that Shun Kai produce for daily use, are all made from natural materials, and are shaped and formed according to old Japanese traditions. 

Shun Kai offer a wide variety of knives, including pairing, utility, chef’s, santoku, slicing, boning, nakiri and bread.
Shun Kai is all made in Japan, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Shun Kai will also sharpen your knives free of charge!

Currently at Sauvage Urbain, all of our stores stock a few Shun Kai pieces. If there is a particular knife you are after, we are more than happy to order it for you if we don’t have it in stock! Contact your local store for more information on pricing and stock.