Thanks to our range of paella pans, paella is no longer just a memory from your holiday to Spain! You can now recreate the classic Spanish dish at home, and we have a couple of options for you to do so, with both polished carbon steel, enamelled, and non-stick paella pans.

Polished carbon steel is the most traditional paella pan you can buy from our store. The dimples in the base of the pan add an extra element of texture to your paella, and the thin film developed on the pan from reacting with the food while cooking adds that authentic paella flavour. As with other carbon steel products, these paella pans need a bit more care in order to stop them from rusting. So be sure to keep them as dry as you can, and follow the care instructions provided (link)!

Enamelled paella pans are much easier to care for than the carbon steel pans, as the layer of enamel protects the steel from rusting. However, they are less durable than exposed carbon steel, as the enamel can chip off if dropped or damaged.

Our paella pans are suitable for all cook tops, however it is highly recommended to use on a gas surface for best results.