Do you want to create authentic Asian dishes at home but aren’t sure were to start? With a good quality wok of course! There are several material options available for woks here at Sauvage Urbain, including carbon steel, Lotus Rock, non-stick and stainless steel.

Carbon steel is the most traditional type of wok you can use for Asian cooking, however it also requires the most care and attention. Carbon steel cookware is susceptible to rusting, so it’s essential to correctly season your carbon steel before use. To season your carbon steel, coat your wok in a thin layer of oil and heat it beyond its smoking point. Heating it past this point created a layer of polymerisation, which appears as a shiny black layer on your pan. This polymerisation protects your carbon steel from rust, as well as creates a non-stick layer. A few benefits of using a carbon steel wok, is that the material is extremely durable and heat resistant, metal utensil safe, and significantly more light weight than most other woks! However, they aren’t dishwasher safe, and react to acidic foods. Have a look at our care and maintenance page for more info on how to look after for your carbon steel.

Lotus Rock woks are coated in a thin layer of nano-silica, creating a water repellent surface. This causes water and other food residues to slide off the surface, making it easy to clean. However, this surface absorbs oil, so using a small amount of oil while cooking will increase the non-stick factor of this wok. Lotus Rock is metal utensil safe, can withstand temperature of up to 350oC, rustproof, and is suitable for all cooktop surfaces. It is also a great conductor of heat, ensuring even heat distribution throughout your wok.

We also have Scanpan stainless steel and non-stick woks. These woks don’t handle heat as well as carbon steel, so are better suited to medium heat when cooking. However, they are better conductors of heat compared to the carbon steel, and have a flatter bottom which is better suited to induction cooktops.