Induction Capable

Lodge first began in Tennessee, USA, in 1896. Since then, Lodge has been bringing outstanding quality cast iron cookware all around the world. Throughout its life, Lodge has been constantly upgrading its technology and foundry technique, in order to keep up with demands. These days Lodge cast-iron comes pre-seasoned to save you time in kitchen, and to make your cooking experience much easier! Pre-seasoning means that your cookware is already protected from rust, and essentially has a non-stick coating. However, there is still some care you should take when using your cast iron products. Here is Lodge’s recommended care details.

Lodge offers a wide range of cast iron cookware, that is able to be used on all cookware surfaces, including an open fire!

Lodge cookware is all made in the USA, and is covered by Lodge if something goes wrong. 

Lodge is currently available at our Fyshwick store, contact them for more information on pricing and stock!