Global is our no.1 recommended brand of knives that we stock here at Sauvage Urbain. They are professional grade, and are suitable for both home and commercial kitchens. They are even featured in Masterchef! 

To ensure that each Global knife is of supreme quality, each knife is individually weighed to ensure perfect balance. This technique is used when creating samurai swords, so you really know you’re getting a beautiful quality knife! The knives themselves are made from the finest Japanese stainless steel material, are ice tempered, and are Rockwell tested. The result is a razor sharp edge, that holds for longer than any other stainless steel. 

It is recommended to hand wash and dry your Global knives, and to avoid putting them in the dishwasher as the chemicals in dishwashing tablets are damaging to the blade. Despite being able to hold their edge for a long time, Global knives do eventually need sharpening. To do that, it is recommended to use a ceramic water wheel sharpener, or a whetstone. 

Each Global knife is made in Japan and comes with a lifetime warranty.
All of our stores stock a wide range of individual Global knives and knife blocks. Contact your local store for pricing and stock!