It’s important to remember that each brand of cookware has it’s own care instructions for their non-stick surfaces, but heres a few general tips to get your started! When looked after properly it will last you many years.

You can find Scanpan’s care instructions for non-stick below:

Non-stick Care


–       Before the first use, wash with hot soapy water with a gentle dish scourer.
–       Don’t use metal scourers, as they can damage the non-stick surface (brand dependant) and create small scratches in the surface of your cookware, where food and food residue can get stuck.
–       If you notice an oily residue can be seen on the surface of your cookware, this is normal! It’s easy to remove, simply make a bi-carb soda slurry (2tbs bi-card soda with a dash of water added to make a paste), and scrub over the surface firmly using a non-abrasive scourer. If unsuccessful cover the surface with the bi-carb slurry, and simmer for a few minutes on a low-moderate heat, until you see particles coming loose from the surface.  
–       Even if branded as ‘dishwasher safe’, cleaning your non-stick cookware in a dishwasher will dramatically decrease the life of the product. Harsh chemicals in dishwashing tablets and liquids degrade the non-stick surface of your cookware.

Cleaning Scanpan Stratanium pans:

General Use:

–       To prevent scratching when storing, place paper towel or felt pads on the surface of your cookware when stacking.
–       Don’t allow your cookware to boil dry
–       Intense heat can damage the non-stick surface of your cookware. To avoid this, keep cookware on a moderate heat.

Gas Cooktop:

–       Always make sure that the flame doesn’t extend up the sides of the cookware. This could potentially damage the sides of the cookware, as well as the handles.

Electric and Induction Cooktop:

–       Before use, make sure the stovetop and the base of the cookware is clean. Otherwise, permanent marks can be left on the base of the cookware.