Did you know, that Australia loves coffee so much, we go through roughly 1 BILLION disposable cups a year? Thats crazy! And most of the time, they go straight to landfill.

Reusable Coffee Cups are the way of the future. Theres no doubt about it. If you’re looking for the first step to a sustainable lifestyle, this is it! And here at Sauvage Urbain, we have a HUMONGOUS variety of reusable cups available. From your classic KeepCup, to bamboo, to insulated and even ceramic, we have it all!

Below are the reusable cups that we try to keep in stock all the time, there may be more or less stock depending on seasonal deals. There are also plenty more colours available than what is shown below!

Stock varies at all of our stores, but rest assured we will have a reusable coffee cup for you! If theres a particular one that you’re after, make sure to give us a call beforehand.