Victorinox was first started in 1884, and developed the first of their iconic Swiss Army Knives in 1891. Since then, Victorinox has broadened their ranges, and now provide households with Swiss Army Knives, household and professional knives, watches, travel gear and more! All of Victorinox’s Swiss Army knives and cooking knives are made in Switzerland, and will continue to do so in order to achieve the highest possible quality. 

Victorinox also do everything they can to keep the production of their products as sustainable as possible. In particular, a lot of their products come with minimal, or no packaging at all! They also recycle all of their scrap metal, and use the heat produced from making their knives to treat the knives as well. 

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Here at Sauvage Urbain, we stock Victorinox pairing knives, Swiss Army knives, and some of their cooks knives. Contact your local store for pricing and stock!