Pressure cookers are used for cooking food in much quicker times than regular cooking methods. As the cookers are air-tight, the steam released from cooking is trapped within the cooker, increasing the pressure within and therefore reducing cook time. There are two kinds of pressure cookers that we offer here at Sauvage Urbain, stove top and electric. Read on to find out which option will be best for you!

Stove top pressure cookers are great for those who want total control over the power of the cooker. As you control the heat setting using your stovetop, they create pressure more intensely and faster than electric options. Stovetop options tend to have a longer life than electric options, as there are no electrical components that risk failing.

We also have an electric pressure cooker option, which is a better option for those who want to ‘set it and leave it’, as these cookers need minimal monitoring throughout the cooking process. They do take longer to reach the desired heat and pressure then stove top options, however this time can be spent elsewhere as you don’t need to babysit the cooker.

Both options are also super versatile, with your cooking options not just limited to stews! You can create a wide range of both sweet and savoury options (such as cheesecakes and risottos) in your pressure cooker, with plenty of recipes available online.